Final Words: Artistic Statement

When creating this piece, I had big plans. A large stage, lots of people, and a lot of yelling. However, that did not happen; something way more interesting came of those ideas that I once had. Continue reading


Technical Rider Pt. II

Title cards are in the last post!

Technical Rider Pt. II

  • There will be the simple camera shots. Camera C is  to be be directly in front, a bit into the crowd.
  • Specific mics aren’t needed – it’s pretty audible from the back of the black box.
  • I may need to see if Camera A can be adjusted to look at the bowl more, so I can slow motion the water going everywhere.
  • Rehearsal times are Monday, April 25th and Wednesday, April 27th at 5:00pm – 7:00pm.

Final Piece: ZenMan Thought Processes

Sometimes it is just best to reflect.

Reflections is a visual score – the resulting performance is an assessment of ideas and the thought process, in sonic form. It is composed in a sort of A, B, A1 style, and is meant to be very psychological. It is strictly composed of past experience and prior documentation. I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman’s “TV Cello,” the doctrine of affections (Johann Mattheson’s version), and Steve Reich’s idea of sound repetition and manipulation, putting it in an indeterminate music style. Continue reading

A Live and Interpretive Argument


In the beginning, everything is dark; only the cellist (Mr. Ulrich) is illuminated.

Mr. Ulrich will begin playing whatever piece of famous music for cello that comes to mind.


Happiness. (Computer Pitch – A5)


Mr. Ulrich will continue to play the piece that he decides to play with more volume and expression, as performers walk on stage. Each performer will be wearing white, not because it is easier to see, but because white is more reflective than any other color. Continue reading