About Me

Oh, hello!

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your time here, and experience something new alongside me!

As for a proper introduction:

I am a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, Class of 2018, holding a B.A. in Performance Studies and a minor in Japanese. I was a voice student, with experience on many other instruments (piano, guitar, trombone, saxophones, etc.). I am extremely vocal, and I love to experiment with the sounds and the voice. Currently I am studying Korean (lower intermediate), Japanese (upper intermediate), and Mandarin (beginner)!

Throughout my college experience I have worked with professors, artists, and collaborators such as So PercussionUlrich Maiss, Marty Regan, Kimberly Kattari, James Ball III, and others, building knowledge and expertise in performance as research and performance technology. As a former dance coordinator for the Korean Media Association at Texas A&M University, I have coordinated and taught K-Pop dance classes, as well as held my own lecture and workshop (click here to see a self made poster). From moderating social media, to taking photos, to performing in a band, to editing videos for colleagues and bringing fresh ideas to the table, I have accumulated so many valuable experiences that have only created opportunities for me to grow and expand.

I have also acquired quite a bit of knowledge with things like GarageBand, Logic Pro and Pro 10, FL Studio 10, Audacity, Photoshop, iMovie, Final Cut/Final Cut Pro, and the necessary equipment that goes along with it. I am also proud to say that I am Apple and Microsoft literate! I have a bit of experience in acousmatic music, also – which is a type of sonic art originating in the 1940s – and I love technology. You could call me a tech geek, as I am always looking for new gadgets and software to fumble around with. If you can play music out of it, I especially love it!

I hope you enjoy what is to come! Thanks, and Gig’em!





HowardMusic is a website and portfolio run by Jona Howard, originally dedicated specifically to the ZenManX Project (more details here) and recently expanded into a blog. I have achieved a B.A. in Performance Studies and a minor in Japanese in May 2018 from Texas A&M University in College Station.

With over 10 years of musical experience, 16 years of vocal experience, 8 years of music technology experience, and 8 years of saxophone experience, my life is dedicated to performance and performance technology. I am currently continuing to learn more about entertainment media and social media independently, and am learning Korean, Japanese and Mandarin independently as well.

Click on a post and learn more about me!



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